About Us

Entopia – Greek, traditional and delicious products.


Our Brand

Entopia. Local, home-grown. Born and nurtured in Greece, encapsulating in their taste the sun, the history and the culture of the land. Select, premium, authentic products in elegant packaging with plenty of information, reflecting the abundance of fruits and vegetables that exist in Greek nature.


Entopia. Traditional rural products with a modern face, taking us on a journey. Natural products, organic in their majority, almost handmade and non industrial that delight the heart and the palate. They are good for our body and awaken all our senses. Simple, natural and generous, just as Mother Nature gave them to us.

This is what “Greek gastronomy” means to us.


Traditional farming delicacies like extra virgin olive oil, or naturally fragranced with juice from the fruit and rind of a whole fresh mandarin or lemon, vinegar with thyme, balsamic with citrus fruits among the others, pure grape syrup named “Petimezi”, natural pastes and dips/sauces, add a gourmet sense on a daily basis diet. Dried oregano, thyme and other herbs of the Greek countryside, sea salt with herbs, thyme honey, thyme honey with honeycomb, orange blossom honey and others, only from fresh seasonal fruit, marmalades and spoon sweets (fruit preserves-toppings).


Free from preservatives and chemical additives, sulfites, caramela colour or other artificial colors and aromas. On their purest form with minimal processing so as for their nutritional components to remain intact. The components of the beneficial and renowned Mediterranean diet!


Entopia at a glance

ENTOPIA is a company that has created a wide range of select Greek products, in terms of:

  • type/kind
  • excellent quality and
  • origin of production


Based on the loving care of a family wishing to convey and offer the experience of the Greek land. Selected authentic, traditional products given in a unique, modern face. The unique experience of living in and tasting Greece.



The product selection is done by producers who have: diligence, consistency in quality, proper cultivation methods and certifications. We share with them the same passion for a healthy and traditional lifestyle.


We try out dozens of products in season and choose the most select from independent, local producers who work on the land with love, consistency and good farming practices. We offer you the best that each region has to give in every season.



The choice of packaging materials aim to ensure the quality and nutritional value of our products, design functionality, aesthetic appeal and environmental awareness.


Because Greek gastronomy deserves to be known throughout the world!


What makes Entopia unique

  • Excellent raw materials, carefully selected with the aroma and essence of Greece
  • 0% preservatives, 0% chemical additives, 0% aromas and sulphites
  • Attractive and complete product range
  • Non GMOs
  • Internationally awarded for brand design, taste and quality
  • A modern design, which we ourselves as consumers would choose for our friends & family


Entopia Greek, Traditional & Delicious • Athens, Greece • T. +30 211 2136878, F.+30 211 0122610