Our Products

Entopia. Traditional rural products with a modern face, taking us on a journey. Natural products,  almost handmade and non industrial that delight the heart and the palate. They are good for our body and awaken all our senses. Simple, natural and generous, just as Mother Nature gave them to us.

Free from preservatives and chemical additives, sulfites, caramela colour or other artificial colors and aromas. On their purest form with minimal processing so as for their nutritional components to remain intact.

The components of the beneficial and renowned Mediterranean diet!


  • Extra virgin olive oils – Organic extra virgin olive oils – Olive oils infused
  • Organic vinegar – Organic balsamic – Organic Grape Syrup Petimezi
  • Balsamic glazes
  • Natural dips/sauces
  • Natural pastes
  • Natural aromatic herbs
  • Natural herbs in olive oil
  • Sea salts
  • Honeys
  • Spoon Sweets – Fruit preserves  toppings


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